Frenzy's Inquisitor Information


Double cInquisitoR

Frenzy's Inquisitor is a save visual Site Ripper Tool like a Web Browser, which can download all selected links direct from within a HTML-Site.

Display 2 HTML-Pages at the same time
-all actions, like a clicked link, would displayed in the 2nd page; the 1st page is still inactive.
Text and images could zoomed seperately, or controlled in brightness.

Full control over History.
-The History could be loaded/saved. Import of URL-lists as Textfile possible.
Automated download of all files of selected filetype, from all URLs stored in history.

The integrated FTP-Client/Filemanager (local/remote) could transfer files between 2 FTP-Servers. In a local directory it's possible to show thumbnail previews, of all Images.

No Dangerous HTML-Code will executed even on a Windows System. Save HTML Interpreter; full control over Cookies/Cache (everything could deleted)

Frenzy's Inquisitor is available for Linux and Windows.

Frenzy's Inquisitor is entirely written in TCL/TK, and took nearly 1 Year to write; but it's still under development. Inquisitor can oppreate in English and German; and the very best of all: It's FREE ! - Frenzy (Jens Timmermann) Logo